Discover a better night’s sleep

When the holidays are closing in and we’re running behind, we steal hours from our sleep schedule to beat the clock. Often daydreaming about that well-deserved nap we’ll take sometime after January rolls around. Which poses an interesting question, “Is there a better way?”

Our busy lives may prevent us from sleeping longer, but picking the perfect mattress ensures we get the best, most restful sleep possible. Hudson’s exclusive Dream Machine gives us that opportunity by providing deep insights into our unique sleeping needs that extend far beyond how many pillows we prefer or which style blanket is our favorite.

Improving the quality of our sleep is always a great investment, and you can start by scheduling a free appointment with the Sleep Experts at Hudson’s Furniture. Schedule by December 19th to enjoy 50% off savings plus an additional 15% off our entire inventory, including the famed Bellagio collection from Serta starting at $777 or $999 with the adjustable base, during our Beat the Clock Sale.

Gathering around a humble table

November is coming to an end and happy as we might be to break bread with those we hold dearest, it can also remind us of how hectic the holidays may be. A lot of behind-the-scenes worry goes into the experiences and stories that we carry through generations. For my family, the key was my mother figuring out the giant jigsaw puzzle of the dinner table. We hated the idea of “Kid’s Tables,” which meant squeezing my parents, sister, myself, four aunts, two uncles, and maybe six cousins into a space meant for maybe a comfortable eight.

What’s more, my parents are Colombian immigrants. They’re eager to participate in American traditions, but always with their own twist. Turkey, cornbread, and mashed potatoes shared a table top with plantains, black beans with yellow rice, and chicharón (deep fried pork belly). I’d stare at this spread, splayed with mixed foods and too many bodies. We pulled chairs from other rooms. One year, I sat on a repurposed stepladder between my mother and a Great Aunt who kept spooning food onto my plate, refusing to listen when I said I was full. I marveled that the table didn’t buckle at the stress, that my mother and her sisters didn’t either. After dinner, we forced them to lie in the family room while my cousins and I cleared up. They settled into the recliners and yell that they should be doing more to help. We didn’t listen, but we were grateful.

Hudson’s Furniture has spent over 35 years dedicated to making sure that your family’s home looks and feels as beautiful and comfortable as the old memories you want to reminisce about and the new ones that you want to craft. Our privilege is in designing the backdrop for every one of those moments, and we are grateful to be there for the scene-setters in between their food prep and decorating and gift-buying.

To make life a little easier for you and your scene-setters (assuming you aren’t one yourself), we’ve stocked our showrooms for Black Friday with discounts on thousands of pieces, along with free home delivery, and a special $100 discount just for coming out. We’re featuring pieces like the Broyhill Furniture Seabrooke 7 Piece Dining Table with Louvered Back Chairs, which apart from its stylish design, features the sturdy construction that you might need for these big moments with even bigger plates and parties. The fact that it expands to accommodate however many visitors you call family just makes it that much more meaningful to someone like me. Whatever your needs, whatever your desires, we want to take the opportunity to make them happen, and are thankful to do so.

Bassett 2016 Fall Catalog

With Bassett Furniture, it’s easy to create the look and feel that’s uniquely you. Simply add fresh colors and rich finishes, with bold textures. And with Bassett Custom Upholstery, you can choose from over six hundred beautiful fabrics and leathers to design any room in your home to reflect your personal style. See the widest selection of Basset Custom Upholstery at Hudson’s Furniture.

Hudson's Furniture Bassett 2016 Fall Catalog

Our customer Ray S. said, “This has to be the best experience I’ve ever had furniture shopping. Some places attack like vultures when you walk in the door. Not Hudson’s. They are very friendly and laid back. We met the best sales people, in our opinion. Extremely knowledgeable, not overbearing or pushy, let us look around but was near enough if we had questions. They answered all of them with the right amount of detail that made us secure in our purchase.”

Discover which of our 17 Florida locations is most convenient for you. Be sure to also schedule an appointment with one of our free professional interior designers. The love working on projects of all sizes and can help you turn any space into a personal oasis of comfort and beauty.

Make memories at your dining table

Imagine never having — or wanting — to change your dining room. Ever. Can you imagine having one dining set for your whole life? One gathering place. One center for family meals. One hub of memories. With a single dining set you will savor every smile, every laugh, every tall tale, and never let go of any of those memories. Now imagine being able to pass this dining set down to your children who will cherish the memories made even as they make more of their own.

Bassett Bench-Made dining is full of the artisanal touches that make these dining room dreams come true. Bassett knows you can trace a family’s history through memories made at the dining table. When Bassett created Bench-Made they endeavored to create a collection to be cherished through generations. Born and bred in Bassett, Virginia, an area steeped in furniture-making history, this collection breaths heirloom quality, and true-blue American blood runs through its veins.



The maple timber used to create these tables is cut thick — two inches thick to be exact. The thickness of the top gives the table a bold presence in your home. Up close you can see the texture of the hand planed surface where an artisan coaxed the beauty out of the maple with each pass. The elegant finish beckons your fingertips to touch the honed surface. Wood stains are applied by hand, and invoke a sense of tradition with names like Aged Saddle, Weathered Barn and Steel. Paint finishes are available to temper the natural grain if you prefer. Let them soften your dining room with shades like Robins Egg, Berry and Farmhouse White. Whatever finish or color you choose to adorn your table, you can be assured that it will be the envy of all who lay eyes upon it. Each of these one-of-a-kind masterpieces is crafted with the utmost of care. In keeping with the farmhouse feel, each table has a full plank top and does not require a leaf. Have no fear, though, of not being able to seat all of your guests. The gathering sizes range from seating 4 to 6 people at a 54″ round table all the way up to seating 10 to 12 honored guests at a whopping 108″ rectangle. You can even further enhance the uniqueness of any rectangular table with the live edge option.

165629The chairs from this collection have fantastic character names like Boone, Henry, Grayson and Baxter. They tell a story of comfort with their specially designed “comfort curve” seats. Now you can enjoy every single memorable moment at your dining table without the need to escape to the living room for comfort’s sake.

Hudson’s Furniture believes in offering our customers furniture that is built to last the test of time, and that is why we’ve brought this collection into our stable of Bassett products. When you witness the breathtaking beauty that is Bench-Made, we believe you will find your family’s history in the making.

All Bassett Collections are on sale October 13th – 23rd


6 vintage furniture styles that turn houses into homes

In the ever changing world of style there comes a time when everything old is new again. Designer and television personality Joanna Gaines of Waco, Texas has drawn inspiration from the past for her new, popular styles of furniture.

It is rare when a collection of furniture can authentically capture the essence of the past and mesh with modern style. The Magnolia Home Collection from Joanna Gaines offer six styles that will be familiar and yet are the popular, cutting edge rend in furniture. The six styles are: Industrial, Primitive, French Inspired, Traditional, and BOHO (for the bohemian lifestyle).

“I’ve seen many designers and manufacturers trying to blend these styles and they often miss the heart,” says Josh Hudson, CEO of Hudson’s Furniture, the primary seller of Magnolia Home in Central Florida.” The Magnolia Home Collection succeeds in these eclectic styles, while they kept the prices affordable. Every family can find a piece to help their house feel more like a home.”

Whether in shopping malls, apartments or houses, the industrial aesthetic is very in right now. Industrial collections are bold and purposeful. The vertical and horizontal lines emphasize practical living, and they work best when paired with worn and aged metals.

The idea of “least resistance” guides Magnolia Home’s primitive collection. Overstressed people are seeking effortless details in their furniture. Elements such as turned legs, simple carvings, and relaxed finishes. These stylish pieces are the basics of many homes.

“This isn’t about designing furniture, this is about creating timeless pieces that can help tell your home story.” — Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Home

The French collection is almost self-explanatory: They’re elegant, classic, and polished. The curvature of the tables and chairs boldly announces their refinement, while the white and blue paint finishes add the quality of a 19th-century French drawing room.

Like the industrial and primitive collections, these traditional chairs, tables, bed frames, and hutches prefer simple, clean lines over florid curves. The result is timeless furniture that feels familiar without being predictable.

The one rule with BOHO is there are no rules. It’s classic vintage meets eclectic mid-century modern. The furniture oozes fun and playfulness, emphasizing texture as much as color and shape.

This collection is defined by its welcoming feel and charming details. The finishes are age-worn, creating a nostalgic element that points to the hearty, rustic way we once lived in the heartland.

“Home is the most important place. My passion is to help people create beautiful and meaningful spaces in their home.” — Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Home

We are committed to staying local at DeSoto Square Mall in Bradenton

Hudson’s Furniture in Bradenton offers shoppers more than 100,000 square feet of furniture and mattress selection within DeSoto Square Mall. As Hudson’s furniture and mattress sales have grown, so has its ability to employ more people and contribute to local organizations.

Malls throughout the country are experiencing changes as online sales, shifts in buying habits, and higher operating costs have already forced several tenets within the mall to close. Malls are adapting and quickly finding new ways of attracting shoppers. While many national corporations are less willing to use mall retail space, locally owned and operated companies like Hudson’s Furniture will continue to do so because they know the community and appreciates the loyalty of their customers.

“When it comes to DeSoto Square Mall, I like to quote Groucho Marx who said The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated,” said Lisa King, a Regional Manager for Hudson’s Furniture. “People’s buying habits may change, but everyone still appreciates value when they find it.”

Hudson’s Furniture serves the community in numerous ways including their donations to the Moffit Cancer Center, the Salvation Army Angel Tree program, Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida and Back-to-School campaigns. Free delivery, free In-Home Design Services, and a 5 Year Replacement Plan are features that makes Hudson’s Furniture unique in its industry.”

Fred Hudson, the original founder and father of Josh and Adam Hudson says it best, “Hudson’s succeeds because it does all that and more. Our goal is to deliver value and these programs make good on that promise.”