The Best Interior Trends of 2017

The year 2017 was and is an interesting one for interior design trends. Scandinavian living remains very popular and continues to inspire many shops and people alike – we have even discussed hygge living on this blog before! As we enter the last trimester of the year, it is about time we give a brief overview of some of 2017’s best trends.

Pastels & Neutral Colours

Massively bright colours lost out to more subdued hues. This applies to walls, accessories, prints and furniture. Upcycling furniture has still been very popular, but where it used to be the trend to add a pop of colour to your home by giving your newly acquired piece of furniture a lick of paint, the bright pink and turquoise have been swapped out in favour of dusty pink and olive tones. This trend is reflected by the offerings in many home shops, such as Next Home, M&S but also Ikea.

Refresh a battered cabinet with new varnish to give the wood a new leash of life, or sand it all down and spruce it up with some paint. If it fits with your current interior, consider painting a geometric pattern such as a fishbone onto your cabinet. You will be right on trend!

Scandinavian Influences

We still love, love, love to take inspiration from Scandinavian – and with good reason. Shops like Flying Tiger and Søstrene Grene have been growing in popularity. These Scandinavian shops seem to be able to offer something that UK shops simply cannot: minimalistic interplay between hues and materials at affordable prices. And then there is always Ikea who entices many with their simple, sleek designs at great prices.

Contrasting textures and geometric designs are also often used to create intriguing, yet minimalistic pieces and prints. Geometric patterns are included in wall art, rugs, pillows and even furniture. I just love this trend – not going to lie! I am not a huge fan of floral prints and this new rise in geometric prints suits me just fine. I am able to find cute, yet simplistic duvet covers and combine my inherited wooden side tables with a stylish rug and lamp with geometric shade.

Greenery & Blooms

Houseplants and flowers have become booming business – big statement houseplants that turn your home into an urban jungle are hugely popular. Plants like fiddle leaf, calathea and peace lily plant are often featured in people’s home. It is not just houseplants though – people just love adding a pop of colour to their home with fresh cut blooms. Online flower delivery services, like Bloom Magic Flowers, are hugely popular as they offer unique bouquets at fantastic prices. Their services include flower delivery to Dublin, so their reach stretches to both the UK as well as Ireland. Greenery and big leafs are even making it onto furniture, such as Ikea’s hugely popular Strandmon chair in their Gillhov print with various coloured leafs.

Typical Finnish Design

For years we have seen a tendency towards interiors that mimic cool Scandinavian and Nordic design and thanks to the global mega store IKEA the vast majority of us will find that we have at least one or two pieces of Swedish design already in our homes. Often overlooked though is Finnish design which is equally as cool, tends to be less mass-produced and favours natural materials for pieces that will last a lifetime and beyond. With their 100th anniversary of independence coming up this December now is the time to start embracing beautiful and functional Finnish design.

Sumptuous Soft Furnishings

As we say goodbye to summer we find that we tend to spend more and more time in the comfort of our own homes so it is important that they are cosy and comfortable and just the place that you want to be when the weather is turning a bit horrific outside! Everyone always talks about spring cleaning, but autumn is also a great time of the year to make sure your home is in tip top condition and ready for those long and dark impending winter days. And part of that can be done with some gorgeous soft furnishings.

Trends in Interior Design

Just like in the world of fashion, interior design also experiences its own trends albeit perhaps less quickly than fickle fashion does! You only have to look back on styles from the past to realise just how much these can actually change. From soft furnishings to furniture style and wall colours and whether or not you choose wallpaper or paint, trends can affect interior design to a staggering degree. And whether you are viewing this from a stylistic point of view or one with a plan to sell, it is a good idea to keep an eye on what is happening in the world of interior design.

Hello Hygge!

Every year it seems there is some hip new foreign word that we use to describe something that we never knew that we needed before but one word that seems to have stuck is the Danish one of ‘hygge’. This little consonant-heavy word has in a way many meaning basically the main idea is about enjoying life’s simple little pleasures from coffee to walks in the forest. The key word to remember here is ‘simple’ since hygge is more to do with home, family and friends than living it up in the fast lane.

Interior Design Ideas for a Shoestring Budget

Do you find yourself poring over glossy home interior magazines and pining for a few hundred thousand pounds to make all of your grand schemes for home renovation and redecoration come true? Or perhaps you’re addicted to those home makeover programmes that manage to turn shabby living rooms into gorgeous spaces with just a few inevitably expensive tweaks. Interior design does, unfortunately, tend to be rather on the pricier side of things so especially if it’s your first step onto the property ladder, it can seem almost impossible to get your home looking the way that you want it to. But never fear, where there’s a will there’s away!